Prohibition of E-Cigarettes and other Battery-powered portable electronic smoking devices
Appointment of Mr. Nari Williams-Singh, J.P.
UPDATE - Airplane Crash - Press Release by the Jamaica Defence Force
Aviation Fee Information

Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority - Accident Investigations
American Airlines AA331 FINAL REPORT
Airplane Accident - September 5 2014
Notice to Airmen & The General Public - AIRSPACE CONTROL MEASURES
Jet Blue Airlines Report
Stakeholder Letter re New Flight Plan Format 2012
Flight Safety Information - Lithium Batteries
March deadline for Flight 331 Report
New Flight Plan Format 2012
Normality Restored to Air Traffic Services (May 24, 2011)
JCAA Probes Aircraft Occurrence (March 4, 2011)
Cargo Suspension for the US Lifted
Cargo Suspension Lifted for Canada and Bahamas
Update on Emergency Landing of American Airlines Flight AA966
UPDATE - American Airlines Flight 331 Accident Investigation (Dec. 2010)
JCAA to Build New Airport Towers
American Airlines Flight 331 Accident Investigation Update (August 2010)
Jamaica Concludes Air Service Agreement at ICAN2010

Aviation Fee Information

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